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At Little Love Pre-school, we recognize that each child is an individual, with a unique pattern of interests, capabilities and aspirations. We strive to nurture those qualities in a healthy, safe and loving environment.
Our focus on all-round development is deeply ingrained in our curriculum. Each child’s sense of autonomy, self-esteem, self-expression and self-discipline is nurtured in our enriching pre-school environment.
We have designed unique corners, to facilitate different aspects of a child’s development. At Little Love, we believe that creating a positive learning environment enhances opportunities for young children to feel safe.
With an approach that focuses on the integration of knowledge, critical thinking, problem solving and other skills, our teachers encourage children to exercise their inborn curiosity.
90% of the Brain Development happens in the First 2000 Days of a child’s life. During this time, the various experiences and interactions the child goes through results in the formation of connections in the brain, which ultimately builds its structure.
At Little Love provides spacious outdoor play areas, state‐of‐art infrastructure, proficient teachers and a safe & vibrant environment. Our schools offer Playgroup, Nursery, Jr. Kg and Sr. Kg. programs for children.

Our Learning Style

The Little Love Curriculum is designed and structured to suit the needs of children as per their age.

In the crucial years of early childhood, it’s vital to identify, explore and inculcate the appropriate talent in children. Little Love adheres to an activity based pedagogy that operates with interactive mode of teaching.
Little Love has developed an innovative concept of BRAIN DEVELOPMENT METHOD BASED ON Developmental Milestones of a Child. It is a wholesome and complete approach that consists of various activities that makes a comprehensive learning environment.

Kids at Work


Learning Style


Words are your stongpoint! You prefer to use words both in speech and in writing!


You prefer to use pictures, diagrams, images and spatial understanding to help you learn

Musical / Auditory

You prefer using sounds or music or even rhythms to help you learn.

Physical / Kinesthetic

You use your hands, body and sense of touch to help you learn. You might ‘act things out’.

Logical / Mathematical

Learning is easier for you if you use logic, reasoning, systems and sequences.


You like to learn new things as a part of a group. Explaining your understanding to a group helps you to learn.


You like to work alone. You use self-study and prefer your own company when learning.


Your learning style is a combination of two or more of these styles.

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